This Weekend, I …

… recreated myself at WordPress
… went out for pizza with my date
… got totally and completely and hopelessly lost on the Duke campus
… stopped at the same red light 5 times (see above)
… dipped strawberries in chocolate
… tried a new church
… ignored the doorbell
… ran over a snake
… threw away a pair of shoes

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Moving in …

It just seems like the right time for something new.  It must be in the air.  I’ve seen a boatload of bloggers move from blogger to wordpress the last couple of weeks, and a couple more who are contemplating a move.

It is sort of a given, in blogging, that you can pretty much become whoever you want to be.  And since I have, in the last 5 months, acquired a new state, a new house, a new church (still sort of looking), a new job, a new empty nest, and a new perspective, I thought it was time to try a new blog.

So … why “Keys to the Cottage”.  Because I think I need to be ready for another open door. For the rest of my life I believe God will be opening doors. Some I will be praying for and expecting. Others will be a total surprise.

The final door will be the one when I hope God says, “Well done, good and faithful servant.  Here are the keys to your cottage.”

Because some folks may want that mansion in the sky.   But I’m aiming for the cottage on the side of a mountain, next to the babbling brook.  The brook I’ll hear all night long as I sleep with my windows open.  The cottage with ivy growing on the stone walls and the knockout roses that simply will not stop blooming.

So here I’ll be.  The journey looks different as I go through the stages of my life.  But the destination is the same.  And I am choosing to enjoy every moment.

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